Develop The Articulation

Before delving in the exercises, to learn how to use the most of your piano, you need to build the independence of your fingers. This independence must be developed separately one hand at a time and never together. Check the pianos for sale if you want to purchase one.

It’s advisable in any case, before starting with the left (which otherwise ends up becoming usually the weakest hand given their lower work that this has in the executions).

A quick and easy way to develop this fantastic technique is the following exercise:

1) Try to put your hand on the 5 buttons do, re, mi, fa, sol (the 4th octave, that of middle C).

2) Now try to play one note at a time slowly, making sure to create continuous sounds and do not place it that the two consecutive sounds (are played as do, re, mi, fa, sol, do, I, D, C with respective fingering: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1).

3) Now try to press all 5 buttons together and follow a finger at a time sounds (for example: you will sound simultaneously re, mi, fa, sol holding them for the duration of the year and then the sounds do. Now do the remains pressed down along with me, and sol ago and hit the king. The king is down together to do, and makes the sun and hit me, and so on…)

4) Now you have to repeat this exercise with the other hand.

PS: do not worry if you will struggle to articulate the 4th and 5th finger, know that it is absolutely natural that difficult especially at the beginning as these fingers are already weak in nature. But rest assured, definitely following this simple exercise will improve with continued studies.

Continue with the exercises of these five notes until the succession of notes do, re, mi, fa, sol and sol, do, I, D, C is safe enough and homogeneous rhythmically.

These exercises should be performed with a metronome to 40 up to 80 within a week (the speed increase should be gradual).

What is the metronome?

The metronome is a tool that can give bpm or “beats per minute”. Have the metronome “40” means that the metronome will make 40 beats per minute.

What is it?

It serves to adjust the speed of a workpiece. Every beat of the metronome is equivalent to an eighth note (1/8). So you in your exercises used the notes do, re, mi, fa, sol, or with the value of 8.1, a note every beat of the metronome.

Top Rated Movers in San Jose

Are you moving somewhere? If you are, then you are in for a big challenge. Just imagine the immensity of the task ahead of you! Think of it this way; to begin, you have to choose which things to take with you and which things to leave behind. People who’ve had experiences with relocation or moving will tell you that there will be things you have to leave behind, not because they’re not important anymore, but because it is just not practical to bring them with you. Usually these are things that you have outgrown and don’t really need as much anymore.


Identifying which things to bring and which things to leave behind is already a gargantuan task, physically as well as emotionally. Then there’s more! When you have finally decided which things to bring, you need to make sure that all of them will be safely packed. There are things that can be boxed easily, like clothes, curtains, blankets, bed covers, etc., but then there are also things that can pose a big challenge. Like what do you do with all your breakables? How on earth will you make sure that each one will be packed safely? What packing materials will you need? What would be the best way to pack them? Will you need boxes? How about crates? What about your bed? How will you pack your dining table? How about your sofa, the TV, the computers?


Here’s my suggestion: find someone who can help you! There are people who are experts on these things and they know best how to properly pack your things. Consider these:


How long do you think will it take you to finish packing everything? My answer to this question is it will take you days, if not weeks! Even if you have members of your family helping you out, it will not be easy. Remember that you also have other responsibilities that you need to attend to.


Are you physically fit to do all the packing? Maybe yes! But it can also be a no! Think about the work that you need to do. You may need to carry things around from one point to another. This can be a real challenge to you physically! Get help! Top Rated Movers in San Jose is one very reliable company who can help you with your packing and moving problem. Contact them now and get the help you need!

37 New Protein Choices For The Phase 3 Of HCG Diet

When you finish the strict central step of the HCG diet, with the 500 calories a day, you no longer need the HCG drops in the diet, you’re ready for the new food choices. For a period of three to seven weeks your proteins were limited to skinless and boneless chicken, extra lean meat, and white fish. Now, in the HCG Phase 3 you can eat whatever you want (except sugar and starch), but after following a so strict diet, many people continue to worry and wonder what exactly they can eat.


The following list of foods for HCG DietPhase 3 shows a lot of new proteins permitted during this phase.


For meat lovers, the HCG phase 3 finally gives you the freedom to enjoy some of your favorite meats. Even if you are technically free to eat whatever you prefer, probably the best thing is to pay attention to meat that is full of fat and nitrites. Eat them, of course, but not every day.

You can choose from bacon, beef jerky, roast beef, breakfasts a usages, moose, lean beef, ham, hot dogs, lamb, liver, pork chops, venison, Vienna sausages… basically whatever you like.


If you love fish, you’re the luckiest among those who follow the HCG diet, because you had more variedchoice.

In the Phase 3 you can eat anchovy, sea bass, catfish, clam, eel, herring, mackerel, gurnard, mussel, oyster, salmon, sardines, calamari or squid, trout and tuna.


Many people do not like fish, and they felt the need to strictly adhere to the advice of Dr. Simeons of not to eat American beef. For these poor and courageous souls, the chicken was the only choice left. Phase 3 introduces the ability to eat a plate of common poultry or less common poultry. Try them!

Duck, goose, pheasant, turkey.

Other sources of protein

In addition to meat, fish and poultry, you can appreciate other sources of protein. Due to the high starch content of beans and legumes, they are still prohibited in Phase 3 of the HCG Diet. Vegetarians might eat them in small quantities. Otherwise, there are still other options:

Hummus (check the ingredients), all types of nuts, including almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts, pine nuts and pistachios for example, soy and tofu.

We hope that you make use of this list for the Phase 3 of the HCG Diet. With all these new options, you may find some interesting recipe for Phase 3 HCG to try during the diet.

Running: The 5 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

If you like running, know that you chose one of the best sports. However, you should avoid making these five very common mistakes that could procure you problems while practicing.

Running is definitely a sport for everyone, which will make you get in shape easy, because it is cheap and can be done from anywhere. However, there are some very common mistakes everyone does, from experts to novices. If you avoid them you will have more chances to keep running smoothly.


1) 0 to 100 in a short time.
Impatience can play tricks. Try not to overdo it, because running, in reality, is a matter of training and time. If you want to start running, train to do it gradually. First alternate a brisk walk to the race and then, after a few weeks, you can get to run without stopping. If you demand too much from your body and yourself, the effect may be counterproductive.
Same thing for the frequency: don’t go running every day, especially if you’re a beginner. Go running three times a week, is more than enough.
2) Heating.
Often runners do their practice without having prepared their physical for running. There is nothing more wrong, because the muscles are subjected to excessive stress and, again, the practice is not gradual. Take a light jog for about 10 minutes to warm up. In this way, the movement will activate well muscles. After warming, do some stretch and then you’re ready to go.
3) Distance between meals.
Many think that it is necessary to run on an empty stomach. The reality is that, instead, in this way it compromises the running session. You need energy to run. So before exercising eat something to avoid losing strength and being sick.
4) Dehydration.
To run well you must be hydrated. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to give the right amount of fluids to your body.
5) Clothing.
From shoes to shirts, technical clothing for running is crucial. The first investment to make are the shoes that have to be made for the running and which must really fit you. For women, a sport bra is a crucial accessorythat will hold the breasts so they don’t bother you when you run. Also use running headbands and, for the winter, a light jacket for the wind is another unmissable accessory.

Following these tips, you’ll enjoy the running even more! Have a great run!

Dealing with a DUI Case and Don’t Know What to Do?

DUI lawyer1

Are you going through a DUI case? If you are, then the best thing to do at the moment is to hire a San Diego DUI attorney to help you understand your case and also so you can have the legal assistance that you need! The worst thing that you may think is that you no longer need a DUI attorney because a DUI offense is just a minor case. If you turn up without a legal counsel, then you can easily be given harsh sentences even when it’s your first time to commit the offense so you have to be vigilant and get a DUI attorney from the San Diego DUI Lawyer Pros site! For a lot of people who are guilty of committing the DUI offense, going to trial is their option basically because they think that the penalties are minor and they can get away without having to hire a lawyer. The truth is, a DUI lawyer can help you save a lot of money and help you do away with spending a lot of time in jail because they can arrange for a plea bargain with the prosecutor assigned to your case. The DUI attorney already knows the usual arrangements offered and they can find the one that will work best for you.

Taking a plea deal will be the best option if you are a student or if you have work that you have to go back to as you definitely cannot spend a lot of time in jail. Taking a plea deal is also good especially if you have had multiple DUI arrests in the past as for these cases, a higher fine might be imposed so if you want to save money on fines, then you are definitely going to need the assistance of a DUI attorney for this case.

Also, a DUI attorney will know the best thing to do so you can avoid having your license suspended. They will be the ones who will process the lifting of the suspension for your license so you don’t need to stress yourself out as they already know the process for the license suspension. There are just so many advantages that you will definitely enjoy when you get the services of a DUI attorney so visit eh San Diego DUI Lawyer Pros today and let the experts handle your DUI case so you can ease up from the stress of dealing with the DUI case on your own.

Handy Health Benefits of Reiki Therapy

It is very important to find a daily practice for oneself that is the escape from day to day activities and that reminds you that you are living a healthy life. When it comes to health, there should be no compromise done as good health is the key behind every success. Relieving the mind, and body is very important and this can be best performed by Reiki therapy. This is the life force energy that improves one’s health and quality of life. It has the spiritual component in its healing. “Rei” is the Japanese word that means higher power and “ki” is the life energy force.

Life force is the subtle energy that flows in every living being, nourishes every cell in the body and ensures proper functioning. When this life force is low, one feel weak and sick. Strengthening this life force is therefore very important to heal your body and maintains good health. Apart from that, negative thoughts and feelings affect this life force as because of this, your overall body balance, which is known as homoeostasis get disturbed and you get ill.


You might have many questions about reiki that normally arise in your mind, and you want the answers of all those questions. The first one and the most basic one is how reiki works? Reiki treatment increases the life energy force in your body and ensures quick healing. It promotes relaxation and removes anxiety and depression and you feel peaceful and stress free. It is performed by hands that are placed lightly on or near to the body of the patient. The second question is if reiki is effective or not? According to the research, stress reduction and relaxation are the best proved results of reiki. The basic reasons behind the major disorders are the stress so it can be reduced by this technique.

The infections and inflammations can be reduced by using reiki and also the symptoms of many serious disorders like cancer. So the technique not only heals you physically, but also emotionally. It can ultimately strengthen the relationships and promotes inner peace and harmony as well. If you started this treatment in conjunction with the medical treatment, the results can be surprising as you will feel rapid healing. This technique is a very simple technique to learn, and you don’t need to have any prior experience to start learning this technique. It has been successfully learned by millions of people, including young and old, so if you are interested in learning, you can learn this therapy.

Things You Need to Know About Lawn Painting

These days, everyone is urged to conserve water. With this come many options you can choose to limit water consumption. When it comes to lawn maintenance, lawn painting becomes your best alternative.

However, some people are hesitant to even try lawn painting and doubt its safety. Well, you need to know that the paint used is not toxic. Hence, it is safe for anyone regardless of age. This is safe for animals too. Since it is an artificial color, you may wonder if this will have any ill effects to the grass’ health. The good news is; it doesn’t harm your grass at all. In fact, this will favor your lawn in many ways instead. Aside from improving the aesthetic look of your yard, the paint will cause your lawn to quickly turn green when spring time comes. The ammonia found on the paint actually helps make use of nitrogen as a fertilizer. And there’s no need to fret. Your lawn’s overall health will stay the same even after it has been painted.


However, the color won’t last forever. After 12 weeks, this will fade. But still, it all depends on the mowing schedule and foot traffic. And yes, since your lawn is lush green, you don’t need to water it as much. Hence, this helps reduce your water bill significantly.

Moreover, lawn painting can be done regardless of the type of the lawn. And this is a better option compared to over-seeding. The paint will also serve as a protection from the harmful winter temperature since it will act as a protective barrier. On top of it all, the process is very convenient. However, lawn painting will not work on a dirt yard. So don’t ever try to use this process as an option to improve a bare yard’s appearance.

So, what more can you ask for? This time, you can improve the appearance of your hard without suffering from any toxic effect. And since it is harmless to people and your pets, you have more of the advantage. If you are expecting visitors to visit any moment, don’t worry since it only requires to dry in less than 60 minutes. And because the color doesn’t wash off, you can enjoy a lush green scenery for a long time. Imagine, improving the look of your lawn in just a few minutes. It’s like a miracle which works like magic.

So, next time you want to improve the appearance of your yard, consider doing lawn painting and spend the rest of your time enjoying a greener, more relaxing home.

How to Take Care of Your Aged Parents


aged parents

Taking care of your aged parents and giving them all the things they need is easy with the help of aged care planning. By planning, you get to prepare yourself and your parents for the future as well as how they can live a comfortable life after they stop working. One of the most important things that you have to do is get your parents involved in the planning process so you get to know what they want for the future. You need to determine what their needs are and what they want to do.

In line with this, try to consider everything such as their health in creating these plans. You need to remember that when you plan, always keep in mind what will be the best for your parents. For instance, if either or both your parents have certain health conditions that might prove to be a burden when getting them life insurance, try signing them up for life insurance without medical exam. There is such a thing, and you need to know the right people to talk to for advice.

You don’t have to do all of these things alone. You can hire the help of a financial adviser who is an expert in aged care in order to be guided the different things that you have to do. Seeking professional advice from these experts will be very useful so you can choose the best aged care pensions and accommodations for your parents.

These financial advisers will help evaluate your parents’ situation and give their suggestions on the best options for your parents. You can choose from many financial advisers. You just have to find one that is knowledgeable and well experienced with aged care planning. In this way, you won’t have to be stressed with everything because these people can help you. Moreover, you can check this page out to see how to go about getting your parents insured minus the rigorous process.

Aside from asking help from expert financial advisers, you may also ask help from the community to assist you in providing what your elderly parents might need. The government may offer different kinds of community services that can help you in taking care of your parents. You just have to be familiar with all these things and get yourself involved in the community. Thus, taking care of your aged parents can be a lot simpler if you just plan and ask help from the right people. With the proper aged care planning, your elderly parents will surely have a more stable and secure future.


San Diego Car Accident Lawyers

car accident attorney

Car accidents do happen and when it happens, the last thing you will ever need is have your insurance benefits limited. The worst case is having your insurance claim denied. Having a car accident lawyer to look into your insurance claim ensures you get your just compensation. Insurance companies are not always true to their promise when serving your best interests. You need to hire expert services that really look out for you. Finding a San Diego car accident attorney is worth your time. Having someone legally represent you can bring a lot of benefits to your case. It puts you at better position in your insurance claim.


You are ensured to make well informed decisions about your case. You can find here’s the information An insurance company is a business. It will do what it can to profit and minimize its costs. Unfortunately, your insurance claim can cost them. To minimize this cost, an insurance adjuster would attempt to provide you selective information. You need an expert to keep you well informed about your claims and other related compensations. Handling the insurance claim on you can be a disadvantage on your part. You may not be equipped with the legal knowledge to get the most out of your insurance benefits. Furthermore, you provide the insurance company information which can be used against you in court. It is best to have a car accident attorney take a look at what you are going to present in order to be guided accordingly.


Car accident lawyers have the experience to handle such cases. In court, the experience of your legal representative matters and it can affect the outcome. Having a car accident attorney enables you to have a better evaluation and accurate expectations about your case. When it comes to such matters, San Diego Car Accident Lawyer Pros have a line-up of lawyer to help you with your case. Save yourself from the burdens you do not really need to carry. The idea of fighting your insurance benefits in court while dealing with the effects of your car accident can be difficult. The whole process raises your anxiety as legal problems may tend to pile up.


Working with a car accident attorney can spare some of the problems. It is about someone helping you have a peace of mind over the case. Contact San Diego Car Accident Lawyer Pros to find out how they can help you with your case.

Tips to Help Soothe Back Pain during Your Pregnancy

Experiencing back pain during pregnancy is something that you can’t just ignore. You are going through a lot of bodily discomfort. You will have leg cramps, varicose veins, numbness of extremities, itching, and a whole lot more! Hence, experiencing back aches on top of it all can be very frustrating. However, you need not allow these bodily symptoms get in the way in your plan to enjoy motherhood. The good news is; there are ways to manage your back pain well.

When pregnant, it is important that you engage on a regular physical activity. You can’t manage back pain by just lying or sitting. If you are active, your back will be made strong, thereby be relieved from discomfort. Light activities will do like water exercise, back stretching or walking. However, you need to ask your doctor on the proper way to do back stretching exercise and if this is advisable for you.


You may also resort to complementary therapies. A lot of women find acupuncture to be helpful in relieving back pain. Who knows, this will work out the same way with you. This is a practice that originated from China where needles are placed on tissues or skin to soothe pain and address issues on many aspects of one’s being; may it be physical, emotional or mental.

Some pregnant women go for a chiropractic treatment. This is a type of alternative medicine used to diagnose and treat health issues relating to musculoskeletal system, specifically the spine. And some pregnant women find it effective in treating their back discomfort.

Another effective way to manage back pain in pregnancy is through a prenatal massage. This is done by working with long, firm strokes on your upper back, going down to your lower back, including your legs and buttocks. It takes a lot of skill to apply the pressure appropriately.

If you visit, you will learn than on top of the relaxing massage, they also use Jojoba massage oil for pregnant women’s skin to stay smooth, elastic and well hydrated. And since they know that a pregnant woman’s health is delicate, they do not add extracts, paraben, mineral oil and other harmful additives to this mixture. They use the oil for cold compress treatment, offering soothing and comforting effects. Prenatal massage is ideally given twice a month to prevent excessive water retention. This helps moms get back easier to their pre-pregnant figures after delivery.